FCA will provide new services that are currently not available in Abu Dhabi.

The Family Care Authority will be providing a range of direct services based on specific beneficiary needs and in coordination and partnership with other social sector entities and stakeholders for the provision of targeted services based on an integrated case management model. These services range from, but are not limited to, comprehensive counselling services, care homes, and others family care related services.

The integrated case management model aims to deliver the integration of all Abu Dhabi social services, as well as non-social stakeholders services to ensure tailored service delivery for all target beneficiaries as per their respective specific needs and requirements. The integration of case management will enable the provision of social care service delivery and beneficiary assessment and evaluation, case planning, cross sectoral service needs identification, service coordination, case monitoring and consequently ensure consistency in the management of cases and delivery of social services which drive service quality across the social sector in Abu Dhabi.
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