The importance of establishing FCA to the Abu Dhabi social sector

FCA will support the social sector and assist in achieving DCD's aspirations as the Authority responsible for shaping and implementing the sector's agenda. DCD seeks to build cohesive family bonds at the heart of a tolerant and inclusive society. Establishing FCA will also contribute to positioning the UAE in general, and Abu Dhabi in particular, as a role model in advancing families’ quality of life and providing a dignified life for every member of society.
Proposing general policies and strategic plans and submitting them to DCD in preparation for approval by the Executive Council.
Securing custodian families to provide health, psychological, social, recreational, and educational care for children who lack family care, following up on children under custodianship, and supporting custodian families.
Instilling noble values, principles, ethics, and strengthening national identity and patriotism in children who lack family care.
Managing and organizing the process of parental care and raising parents’ awareness of suitable methods to raise and treat children in coordination with relevant authorities.
Coordinating with relevant authorities to develop and implement social programs that contribute to rehabilitating individuals with a troubled past, such as previous residents of corrective and medical rehabilitation centres or residents of shelters, then following up on their cases and reintegrating them into society.
Participating in local and international events, forums and conferences related to family care.
Setting FCA’s operational plans and policies, including family care plans and services provided to beneficiaries, while linking its outcomes to improving families’ quality of life.
Providing family-care services in accordance with policies and regulations.
Conducting research and studies related to family care, identifying challenges, and proposing necessary legislations to improve and enhance family-care services, that can raise the quality of family life, in coordination with DCD.
Developing necessary programs to enhance family-care and case-management services that can empower beneficiaries in the community, in accordance with the applicable legislations.
Raising community awareness on family's role in society, in coordination with the relevant authorities.
Providing counselling, psychological and social support to family-care beneficiaries in various cases, while protecting them from abuse or mistreatment.
Handling cases related to family care referred to FCA by police stations or directly reported by parties of a conflict, while providing advice and guidance and sponsoring reconciliation when necessary.
Securing the needs of children who lack family care and managing their custody in general.
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