The FCA's mission is to to improve the quality of life for families in Abu Dhabi. It was established in Abu Dhabi with the aim of providing specialized and centralized services that meet the needs of families in Abu Dhabi by unifying efforts after studying the current situation of families in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and considering the services provided by several specialized entities related to family care.

By prioritizing families and recognizing the different stages of life, from infancy to old age, the FCA adopts a holistic and streamlined approach in collaboration with relevant authorities. Through its comprehensive efforts, the FCA aims to strengthen families, promote social cohesion, and contribute to the overall prosperity of the UAE while setting a global example for family care and well-being.

Our services are categorized through 5 central pillars: counselling, inclusion programs, caregiver support, providing temporary sheltering, and emergency support.

  • Counseling
    Providing social, psychological and legal counseling to beneficiaries.

  • Inclusion programs
    Supporting beneficiaries through programs designed to improve social, financial, and psychological quality of life to ensure they can successfully become active members of society.

  • Caregiver support:
    Providing support to caregivers through specialized programs designed to spread awareness and provide guidance training

  • Emergency Support:
    Providing emergency social support to individuals and families to meet their urgent needs.

  • Temporary Sheltering:
    Providing temporary sheltering with full social services to ensure social stability and reintegration.
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